Life Journeys
with Hugh Brody and Gareth Evans

Yew Tree Farm, Sweffling

17/9/2022 16:45 - 17:30


If we know how to look, the so-called 'edges' can teach us a lot about what is central to experience and the meaning of a life. In Landscapes of Silence: From Childhood to the Arctic, anthropologist, writer and film-maker Hugh Brody considers the lessons of place and what is not, what cannot be said, in a memory mapping of his years in England, Israel, Africa and the Canadian North.  

About Hugh Brody
After publishing Inishkillane, his classic study of the west of Ireland, Hugh Brody spent many years immersed in communities of indigenous peoples of Arctic and Subarctic Canada. His books include The People’s Land, Maps And Dreams, The Other Side of Eden, a collection of short stories, Means of Escape. and, just published,  Landscapes of Silence.   His films include Nineteen-Nineteen, starring Paul Scofield and Maria Schell, and a series of documentaries made in the Canadian north. He also directed Tracks Across Sand,  a set of films made with the Khomani San of the southern Kalahari. 

Image of Hugh Brody by Kirk Tougas