Henham Park Barns

16/11/2019 17:30 - 17:45

It could be argued that John and Yoko made a form of landscape art in Apotheosis (1970), their seventeen minute experimental film of the view from an ascending balloon. It was shot in December 1969, on a snowy day in Lavenham, Suffolk. At the beginning you hear the balloon being inflated and see John and Yoko in hooded outfits. It then becomes clear that the camera is mounted in the balloon, which rises out of the market place until you can see white fields and black trees that could have come from a Bruegel  painting. This landscape gets progressively whiter and more indistinct until it eventually disappears. After several minutes, the balloon emerges above the clouds which, in the words of Jonas Mekas, 'opened up like a huge poem, you could see the tops of the clouds, all beautifully enveloped by sun, stretching into infinity.' - thanks to Some Landscapes (https://some-landscapes.blogspot.com/)


Dir Lennon and Ono


Running Time 17 mins