Britain on Film on Tour

Henham Park Barns

16/11/2019 11:30 - 17:30

Throughout the day enjoy this diverse range of archive film that reveal new and unseen stories from as early as 1897.

Independent Cinema Office and British Film Institute have undertaken one of the largest pieces of film preservation and restoration ever to make extraordinary treasures from the UK’s film archives available with a broad range of material that opens up our local and regional histories. 

Welcome to Britain, charting a century of social change via the voices of different generations of British immigrants (Running time 84 mins)

Rural Life, showing the beauty and variety of Britain’s countryside (Running time 75 mins)

Railways, a celebration of Britain’s railway history (Running time 83 mins)

Coast and Sea, a nostalgic collection of films from Britain’s gorgeous, varied coast (Running time 93 mins)