Snape Maltings - Flipside Festival

Thank you to all the authors, artistes, crew and volunteers who made FlipSide 2017 at Snape Maltings so wonderful!

From the wise words of prophetess Margaret Atwood to the incredible ideas of Michael Pawlyn, from Toby Jones reading John Berger's unforgettable writings to  fierce conversations about land, borders, identity and hope with Jackie Kay, Ruth Padel,  Anne Michaels, Bee Wilson, Sheila Dillon, Helen Macdonald, Anna Pavord, Alvaro Engrigue and Valeria Luiselli, FlipSide at Snape Maltings stimulated and surprised us all.

Spring tides transformed the Snape Maltings festival site as if in conversation with Gideon Mendal's talk on a drowning world, but the heat of  brilliant Osvaldo Chacon's Cuban music with band Son Yambu, and the original, lyrical works of Brazilian musician Monica Vasconcelos washed away the autumn weather.  Suffolk's own Pianofield curated a magical new work based on the movement of a lone banana tree, filmed in Brazil, and the King's Brazil Ensemble closed the weekend's musical programme with a witty operetta, typical of Rio de Janeiro.

Films, food and family events brought everyone together - a truly international cultural conversation under Suffolk skies.

The FlipSide film and photos of the weekend are coming soon

We are very grateful to our funders, sponsors and partners for their generous support:

Arts Council England
Suffolk County Council
AA Centre
Making waves together
First Light
Flip Baixa
Lowestoft Rising
Enjoy Great Yarmouth
Suffolk Wildlife Trust