The Way We Eat Now with Sheila Dillon and Bee Wilson


Britten Studio

07/10/2017 13:30 - 14:30



We are all foodies now – yet how much do we really know about what we eat? Journalist and broadcaster Sheila Dillon joins food writer Bee Wilson to discuss what, and how, we eat nowadays, and to assess the impact – societal, environmental, cultural – of our food choices.

Sheila Dillon

Sheila Dillon is an award-winning investigative journalist and presenter of BBC Radio 4’ s the Food Programme. During her 20 plus years at the programme’s helm she has investigated major food issues including BSE, GM food, the fishing industry and the organic movement.  

Bee Wilson

Food writer, journalist and historian Bee Wilson is described by Yotam Ottolengi as the ultimate food scholar. Wilson’s 2016 book First Bite blended science, history and memoir to explore our relationship with food: ‘a fascinating, at times provocative, investigation into how and why we eat what we do, how food can be both medicine and poison, and a call-to-arms manifesto to make eating guiltlessly pleasurable for all’ - Nigella Wilson.