Wind Power Project
Autumn Term, October/November 2019
Part of Making Waves Together

October/November 2019

FlipSide is inviting schools to take part in a STEAM project exploring everything wind powered to celebrate the unveiling of artist David Watkinson’s new kinetic sculpture as part of the restoration of Great Yarmouth’s historic Venetian Waterways.

Starting with an artist led group session at St Georges Theatre, children will be able to meet the artist and learn about the background of making an artwork powered by wind, as well as the history and importance of wind to Great Yarmouth with experts from the Wind Energy Museum. There will also be an opportunity to take part in trying out some basic kinetic art of their own.

This will be followed up by a creative session in school lead by Paul Gionis, award-winning D&T teacher and toy maker extraordinaire, using design and engineering principles to fuse science and art to research, make and test their own 3D kinetic works.

The project will culminate in a dynamic art installation where the children are invited to exhibit their kinetic creations en masse in the wind alongside David’s sculpture it as it is unveiled at the Venetian Waterways, creating a vibrant, visual response to the on and off-shore wind turbines that loom large in the local landscape.

Primary and Secondary  

Land Yachts
National Curriculum Links – Energy, Forces and Air Resistance, Art, D&T.

Students are invited design, construct and test out their very own land yacht.

Each student will be provided with a kit and supported to use basic construction tools such as cutting, drilling and sawing to build a working model.

They will also design and create a bespoke logo for the sail

Finally they will get to explore wind power in action as they test out their creations in a land yacht race!

Workshop length
90 minutes per class of 30 pupils.

FlipSide will provide a basic kit to create the land yacht.

Please ask students to bring in an A5 size piece of cream or white coloured light weight fabric for their sail – this could be an old pillow case or bed sheet.

Depending on class size we would also welcome additional support of 3-5 parents with helping the children put together their land yachts.

The project is *FREE* to schools, you just need to arrange transport.

For further info and to book please contact Lizzie Hall via email to or on 07729 474815

Artist - David Watkinson

Facilitator - Paul Gionis

Great Places is funded by the Heritage Lottery and Arts Council England, supported by Historic England; the Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth Great Places scheme is one of only 16 pilot projects across the UK.

The Great Places scheme enables cultural and heritage organisations to make a step-change in how they work together with other organisations in other sectors to ensure that arts, culture and heritage contribute more to meeting local social and economic objectives.