Time bubble Time Machine


07/10/2017 10:00 - 18:00

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Have you ever seen a Time Machine - well now is your chance to meet a machine and its Time Travellers... Professor Pickles and his sturdy co-pilot.

A Time traveller is merely a General Historical Observer in Space and Time, well at least that is what Prof. Walter Pickles and his co-pilot believe after their recent trip to the Congo jungle. It may be the 9 ft high purple striped 'Timebubble Machine' (that resembles an old diving bell) that first catches your eye, or the stream of bubbles from the twin exhaust ports...whichever, seek them out for: tales of mischievous adventures in time such as what the Egyptian king Tutankhamen had to do with sandwich spread pickle, how we inspired English Kings and Queens to take up hot-rod racing and of course to see how the time machine works!'

This is a free event taking place throughout the weekend.