Graphic Novel Art Workshop


Marina Theatre

25/10/2017 12:45 - 13:45

FREE Event

Past Event

This workshop will provide an introduction to comic strip sequencing including the graphic novel.

 The workshop will cover: 

Students will be encouraged to practice designing or laying out five pages in rough prior to beginning drawing a page of comic strip. The advantage of doing this is that the student can see how a sequence develops and allows them greater flexibility in their work.

A story well told is well paced and this is planning for that. It's about making the visuals flow in a logical sequence and making the job easier overall.

Students can explore how panel shape and size aids in storytelling. The panels aren't random. They are specifically designed within the page to do a visual job.

Drawing strip sequences and making a movie have a lot in common. Here the student will see how using the best angles and shots, high angle, low angle, neutral, close up, long shot etc. will aide in developing the story to make it more visually  exciting.

Students will see how important these all too often ignored elements of a sequence can enhance the visual experience.

We will explore how physically enacting action shots aids in their effective expression on the page.

We will talk about some of the materials a comic strip illustrator uses to create a strip sequence. For example: 2 ply Bristol Board, Indian ink, brushes and pens, HB pencils, size of drawn page.

At the end of the session, the student should have a five page sequential layout on A4 paper from which they could work and hopefully at least the beginnings of a comic strip page of A3 size as well as some understanding of the medium of comic books.


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