Chloe Sayer: The Mexican Day Of The Dead


08/10/2017 13:45 - 14:45

Past Event

In Mexico, death is seen as part of life. Once a year, according to popular belief, the deceased have divine permission to visit friends and relatives on earth. On 1 and 2 November (All Saints’ and All Souls’), families welcome the departed with lavish offerings. Arts and crafts are central to these highly visual festivities. Chloë Sayer has published numerous books about Mexican popular culture.

Chloë Sayer is an independent scholar, author and curator, specialising in the art and popular culture of Latin America. In 1991 she co-curated the exhibition 'The Skeleton at the Feast: The Mexican Day of the Dead' at the Museum of Mankind. She has worked on television documentaries for the BBC and Channel 4, and is a Research Associate at the Royal Ontario Museum. 

Main Image: Papier-mâché skulls for the Day of the Dead by Mexican artist Felipe Linares Mendoza (© David Lavender).