Brazilian Choral Workshop


Peter Pears Recital Room

07/10/2017 14:00 - 15:00

Past Event

Explore the Brazilian choral tradition with the director of the King’s Brazil Ensemble, Dr Vinicius Mariano de Carvalho.

The King's Brazil Ensemble is dedicated to the study and practice of a Brazilian and British repertoire for string orchestra (eventually with soloists or guest musicians). The ensemble was created in 2015 and had its debut in a performance at the Brazilian Embassy in London, in March 2015. The members of the ensemble, mostly, are or were music students at King's College. The creation of the ensemble was an initiative of Dr. Vinicius Mariano de Carvalho, Lecturer at King's Brazil Institute, who is also the director of the group. 

Dr  Vinicius  Mariano  de  Carvalho 

Dr  Vinicius  Mariano  de  Carvalho  has  a  broad  interest  within  the  field  of  Brazilian  Studies.  His  plural  academic background and  personal  trajectory  have  provided  him  with  a wide understanding  of  Brazil  from  diverse  fields , such as Literature, Culture, History, Religion, Society, Defence, and Politics. He  is  the  Chief  Editor  of Brasiliana - Journal for Brazilian Studies,  a  new  peer-reviewed  academic journal,  which  has  received  a  wide  international  interest  and  is  rapidly  establishing  itself  as  an  important academic  platform  within  the  field.  The  journal  is  interdisciplinary  in  scope,  addressing  diverse  subjects within Brazilian Studies. Carvalho joined the King's Brazil Institute in September 2014.